Calpeda MXH

CALPEDA 2MXH – Horizontal Dual Booster Set




CALPEDA 2MXH – Horizontal Dual Booster Set

Variable speed pump units with EASYMAT

Variable speed system driven by frequency converter, for the pressure control in domestic and residential plants.
The system maintains constant pressure whilst the controlling the pump operation against changing system demand.

Easymat is equipped with a control panel for simple system programming and parameter monitoring.
The 2 scroll buttons are used to scroll the different operating parameters that EASYMAT can show.
The four set-up buttons allow the operator to move between and set-up the menu’s and to start and stop the pump.


Depending on water consumption, one or more pumps are activated, all at variable speed, in order to guarantee the quantity of water required at the set pressure.
The system keeps the pressure constant when the quantity of water requested by the user changes.
The user can choose the operating pressure according his needs.
The system works at a fixed speed that user can choose according his needs.

The system is connected to the delivery pipe providing for simple installation and better cooling (patented) making the unit more compact and easy to assemble.
Easymat is supplied with one pressure transducer, G 1/4 connection and 1.5 m cable length.

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