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Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps with open impeller

Close-coupled centrifugal pumps with open impeller.
The built-in backflow preventer avoids reverse siphoning when the pump is stopped and assures automatic re-priming at the next start.
The pump re-primes itself even if partially filled with liquid and with completely empty suction pipe.
A: version with pump casing and lanter bracket in cast iron.
B-A: version with pump casing and lanter bracket in bronze (the pumps are supplied fully painted).


  • For clean or slightly dirty water, also with solids up to 10 mm grain size for A 40, A 50 and 15 mm for A 65, A 80
  • For draining a basin or a sump
  • For irrigation. For civil and industrial applications


Operating conditions

Liquid temperature from -10 °C to +90 °C.
Room temperature up to 40 °C.
Maximum permissible working pressure up to 6 bar (10 bar for A 80-170).
Continuous duty.


2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n ≈ 2900 rpm).
A: three-phase
230/400 V ± 10% up to 3 kW;
400/690 V ± 10% from 4 to 7,5 kW;
AM: single-phase
230 V ± 10%, with thermal protector.
Capacitor inside the terminal box.
Insulation class F.
Protection IP 54.
Classification scheme IE3 for three-phase motors from 0,75 kW.
Constructed in accordance with:
EN 60034-1; EN 60034-30-1.
EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-41.

Calpeda are an Industry Leading Italian manufacturer of electric weater pumps, for more general information on Calpeda and their range you can visit here

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Additional information


Bronze, Cast Iron


Single phase, Three phase


A 40, A 50, A 65, A 80, AM 40, AM 50


0.55, 0.75, 1.1, 1.5, 2.2, 3, 4, 5.5, 7.5


A 40-110A/B, A 40-110B/A, A 50-125A/A, A 50-125B/A, A 50-125CE, A 65-150A/C, A 65-150B/B, A 65-150C/C, A 80-170A/A, A 80-170B/A, AM 40-110A/A, AM 40-110B/A, AM 50-125AE, AM 50-125BE, AM 50-125CE, B-A 40-110A/B, B-A 40-110B/A, B-A 50-125A/A, B-A 50-125B/A, B-A 50-125CE, B-A 65-150A/B, B-A 65-150B/A, B-A 65-150C/B, B-A 80-170A/A, B-A 80-170B/A, B-AM 40-110A/A, B-AM 40-110B/A, B-AM 50-125AE, B-AM 50-125BE, B-AM 50-125CE



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