EBARA Multigo – Vertical Multistage Pumps


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EBARA Multigo – VertIcal Multistage Pumps

VERTICAL MULTISTAGE CENTRIFUGAL ELECTRIC PUMP with an outer casing, a motor cover and a seal holder disc in AISI 304.

The components of the hydraulics, i.e. impeller, diffuser and spacer, are made of polypropylene and polystyrene (PPE + PS) reinforced with glass fibres.
Constructively it presents a double mechanical seal in an oil chamber, to ensure continuous lubrication and maximum reliability. Both seals, on the motor side and on the pump side, are made of Carbon/Ceramic/EPDM.
Cooling of the motor is guaranteed by the passage of the pumped fluid, so that this pump can be used both in the surface and in the submerged configuration. It is precisely this feature that makes it suitable for different applications.
All the MULTIGO models are supplied with 5 meters of H07RN-F cable.

Total head from 75.7 to 13.4 m
Capacity from 1.2 to 7.2 m3/h
Hydraulic efficiency index MEI > 0.4
Liquid temperature up to +40?C
Maximum suction depth: 6 m
IP 68 protection degree

The EBARA CVM electric pump is a vertical multistage for residential use.
The hydraulic components are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, while the mechanical seal is made of Ceramic/Carbon/NBR.
The MEI hydraulic efficiency index> 0.4 and the 0.75 kW IE3 motors make them compliant with the relevant European Directives.
To provide an even more complete product, the CVM models are also available as standard already combined with the E-drive inverter, which allows the optimal setting and operation according to requirement, ensuring
the reduction of operating costs.

EBARA Pumps, Japanese Technology since 1912, Best known for their High Quality and Low Price. An industry leading Manufacture with the Experience to prove it! For more general information on Ebara Pumps and their range you can visit their Catalogue here

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3M Self Priming Pump, 40, 40/08, 40/10, 40/12, 40/15, 80, 80/12, 80/15, 80/20, M40/08, M40/10, M40/12, M40/15, M80/12, M80/15


230, 400


Single phase, Three phase


0.6, 0.75, 0.9, 1.1, 1.5, 2.2



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