Graco Husky 3300 3″ Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump


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1/2" NPT(F), 1/4" BSPT(F), 1/4" NPT(F), 1/8" BSPT(F), 1/8" NPT(F), 3/4" NPT(F)


Acetal, Aluminium, Cast Iron, Conductive Polypropylene, Hastelloy, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF, Sanitary Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, UHMWPE


Aluminium DataTrack w/Buna Seals, Aluminium for Overmoulded Diaphragms, Aluminium Pulse Count w/Buna Seals, Aluminium Remote w/Buna Seals, Aluminium Standard Air Valve, Aluminium Standard Air Valve w/Buna Seals, Conductive Polypropylene Datatrak, Conductive Polypropylene Pulse Count, Conductive Polypropylene Remote, Conductive Polypropylene Standard Air Valve, Polypropylene, Polypropylene Datatrak, Polypropylene for Overmoulded Diaphragms, Polypropylene Pulse Count, Polypropylene Remote, Polypropylene Standard Air Valve, Polypropylene Standard Air Valve (BSPT), Polypropylene Standard Air Valve (NPT), Stainless Steel Standard Air Valve


316 Stainless Steel, Acetal Standard Porting (BSP), Acetal Standard Porting (NPT), Aluminium Centre Flange ANSI/DIN & BSPT, Aluminium Centre Flange ANSI/DIN & NPT, Aluminium Standard Porting (BSPT), Aluminium Standard Porting (NPT), Aluminium Standard Porting Inch-Oil Tested (BSPT), Cast Iron (BSPT), Cast Iron (NPT), Conductive Polypropylene Centre Flange ANSI/DIN, Conductive Polypropylene End Flange ANSI/DIN, DIN, Hastelloy Standard Porting (BSPT), Polypropylene Centre Flange ANSI/DIN, Polypropylene End Flange ANSI/DIN, Polypropylene Split Inlet and Outlet (NPT), Polypropylene Standard Porting (BSP), Polypropylene Standard Porting (NPT), PTFE Standard Porting (BSPT), PTFE Standard Porting (NPT), PVDF Centre Flange ANSI/DIN, PVDF End Flange ANSI/DIN, PVDF Standard Porting (BSP), PVDF Standard Porting (NPT), Stainless Steel (316) DIN Flange (Centre), Stainless Steel (316) Tri-Clamp Flange (Centre), Stainless Steel (316) Unloader DIN Flange (Centre), Stainless Steel (316) Unloader Tri-Clamp Flange (Centre), Stainless Steel Centre Flange Horizontal Outlet Port, Stainless Steel Standard Porting (BSPT), Stainless Steel Standard Porting (NPT), Tri-Clamp, UHMWPE Standard Porting (NPT)


Acetal, Aluminium, Buna, FKM (Flouroeleastomer), Geolast, n/a, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF, Santoprene, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (17-4), Stainless Steel (316), TPE, UHMWPE, Urethane Duckbill


Acetal, Buna, FKM (Flouroeleastomer), Geolast, n/a, Polychloroprene Standard, Polychloroprene Weighted, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF, Santoprene, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (316), Stainless Steel (400C), TPE


Buna, EPDM Overmoulded 3A Approved, FKM (Flouroeleastomer), Geolast, Polychloroprene Overmoulded, PTFE, PTFE Overmoulded, PTFE w/Spring Standard, SANTOPRENE, TPE

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