? Rapid self-priming:
without foot valve. Once filled with water, the pump is automatically primed to a height of 7,5 m
? Open impeller:
allowing the passage of wide solid bodies and easy inspection
? High resistance to abrasive liquids:
the wear plate is easily replaceable.
? Axial mechanical seal lubricated from the outside:
no leaks or infiltration of air along the shaft.
? Easy to install:
only the suction pipe needs to be immersed in the liquid. The pump can be located above and in a dry place, in the most suitable location for service and control.
? Long life:
the parts subject to wear can be easily replaced, several times, restoring the original performance of the pump.

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? Transfer: clean, dirty, containing sand in suspension, muddy, neutral, alkaline, acidic liquids; low viscous petroleum products, solvents even if dirty; milk of lime, caustic soda; washing, cooling, recirculation, smoke scrubbing
? Treatment: pumping polluted, hot or corrosive waste water containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; dosing neutralising liquids; pumping out settled?sludge
? Naval: loading and unloading; bilge pumping; washing, fire-fighting, stripping, sanitary duty and circulation
? Agriculture: surface irrigation; liquid manure oxygenation; transfer and spraying liquid manure or fertilisers; distribution of liquid animal feed; transfer
of must; washing.

? Drainage of excavations, canals or ponds
? Ground water dewatering with drains
? Water supply from wells or canals
? Washing concrete castings and aggregate
? Recirculation of bentonite and drilling mud.

? Drainage after flooding or terrential rains
? Emergency duty: temporary sewage pumping; fire fighting; recovery of dangerous liquids.

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