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STUART TURNER AQUABOOST – Horizontal Twin ABB Booster Set

The Aquaboost ABB Horizontal Booster Set offers variable speed twin pump units capable of boosting cold water at up to 260 litres per minute or up to 9 bar pressure in light commercial applications.

Aquaboost booster sets can be configured for duty-assist or duty-standby modes.

Cold water pressure and flow boosting in a range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications

Simple to configure intelligent pump controls
Each system is pre-configured to site specifications before leaving our manufacturing facility and requires only minor adjustments to be made during on-site commissioning.
Variable speed pump control providing constant pressure during variations in water demand
Start up safe mode reduces chances of pressure surges
Automatic duty pump rotation
3 digit LED system pressure and fault code display, multi-function keys
Automatic fault condition sensing and error code display
Volt-free common fault status output

High performance, high efficiency pumps
Systems feature two high performance horizontally mounted pump units as
Close coupled multi-stage design
Stainless steel impellers and diffusers
Heavy duty oversize motor shaft
Totally enclosed, fan cooled, suitable for continuous operation
Three phase, 2-pole induction motor for increased durability and longer life

Duty-Assist and Duty-Standby operation modes
Duty-Assist mode
In Duty/Assist mode, if the system set pressure cannot be maintained with one pump running (Duty), the second pump (Assist) will start automatically to meet increased system demands.

Duty-Standby mode
Only one pump operates at any given time (Duty), the second pump (Standby) is only enabled if a fault condition is detected with the Duty pump.

In both modes, each time an outlet is opened, the Duty pump is alternated, ensuring both pumps are used regularly and extending overall pump lifespan.

For More information please visit Stuart Turners official brochure on the Booster Set Units

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ABB 0305 2H-SPC/M, ABB 0307 2H-SPC/M, ABB 0308 2H-SPC/M, ABB 0506 2H-SPC/M, ABB 0507 2H-SPC/M, ABB 0508 2H-SPC/M

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