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Stuart Turner Mainsboost iBoost

Mainsboost iBoost (Originally known as Aquaboost) is a reliable compact mains water boosting system which will sit neatly within any standard 600mm kitchen larder cupboard or alongside other household white goods.

Mainsboost iBoost provides an unrestricted supply of up to 100 litres per minute and up to 4.5 bar pressure, with a typical performance of 60 litres/min at 3.0 bar pressure.

Inadequate flow rates and water pressure are common shortcomings for many properties, often resulting in under-performing showers and water using appliances. iBoost offers a solution.

These fully integrated systems combine a large cold water storage tank and a high performance, multistage pump to overcome restricted water flow and insufficient pressure.

For More information please visit Stuart Turners official brochure on the Booster Set Units

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iBoost +200, iBoost +200 CAT 5, iBoost F200-100-45, iBoost F200-100-45 CAT 5, iBoost V200-100-45, iBoost V200-100-45 CAT 5

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