Varisco Wear Plate

VARISCO Wear Plate

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Varisco Wear Plate

For information on how to replace the Mechanical wear plates please visit the O&M Manual for your specific Pump.

Varisco Pumps are an Industry Leading Pump manufacturer, for more general information on Varisco and their range you can visit here

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Replacing the wear plate (fig. 10)

  • Drain the pump casing as described in paragraph 7.
    Attention: residual liquid may be found inside the pump casing, head and suction line; take all necessary precautions if the liquid is hazardous (inflammable, corrosive, poisonous, infected, etc.)
  • Unscrew the nuts (52) and remove the pump casing, taking care not to damage the casing gasket (43)
  • Unscrew the wear plate screws (57)
  • Remove and replace the wear plate (02)
    If necessary, replace the casing gasket (43)
  • To reassemble, proceed in reverse order
  • Check that the distance between the impeller and the front wear plate as described in paragraph 13.7

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