Varisco No.1 for Self-Priming Pumps!

Varisco No.1 for Self-Priming Pumps!

Varisco Pumps are one of the World Leading Manufacturers of self Priming Pumps. Not are they commonly known as the best in the industry for great performance, but as a mass produced Product, they are very popular and very affordable!

Proud Italian manufacturers produce the Varisco J Range. The well engineered pumps with top specifications ensures all customer demands are meet, from handling dirty water contains solids, to having a great duction lift of up to 7m without the aid of other Mechanical or Electrical influence. When it comes to surface mounted pumping for sewage, waste, sludge, sump, washdown, grit, mud, abrasive, etc, the Varisco J Range pump is the go-to product across every industry.

There is an extremely Large range of Varisco self priming centrifugal pumps, and can come in a variety of materials. The most popular material is the standard Cast Iron pump, however stainless steel and bronze is available should an application require a more robust solution. Within the large range of Pumps come numerous sizes up to 12 inch (300mm) for the larger pumps.

Varisco was founded in 1932. And has grew strength to strength. Their mission is to design, production and distribution of professional pumps for general industry and drainage. In particular, the company handles pumps for industrial use, for construction site drainage, for water emergency cases in floods and for fire fighting in industrial and civil buildings.

Due to the great success of their J Range they have further developed a higher efficient Z Range which complements their pumping famiily allowing Varisco so serve customer requirements further.

All pumps have their limitations. One of which was is physics. Physics dictates that in perfect conditions, the atmospheric pressure allows pumps can achieve a 10m suction lift. However due to NPSH requirements it is typical for pumps to at best achieve 7m of suction lift.

Since Varisco Pumps are self priming it is important to identify the following:

  • Blocked pipeline.
  • Suction line I not air-tight.
  • Volume of suction pipe is too large for the pump
  • Pumps are operating off Curve (inefficiently)
  • Pumps have warn
  • Liquid is near freezing point

The Varisco J Range is a well engineered self priming centrifugal pump with evolved vacuum capabilities. Originally self-priming was achieved using simple oil lubricated vaccum prime pumps but over time has developed to becoming a fully incorporated self priming system that is in line with market demand as well as greater environment performance.

For more information on self-priming BEPumps has a great article titled A Simple Guide To Self-Priming Pumps

It come with great pleasure to have the Varisco Pump J Range as part of the BEPumps Family. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in working with these pumps, fault finding, system optimization, installing and Repairing. Look no further for Varisco Pumps!